Tuesday, 26 April 2011

How To Attract A Man's Attention?

Hey dear readers! Do you guys come across some "wow, that girl is really attractive when she does that" moments? well, this post is all about the top 10 body languages/postures that attract a man's attention! After reading this post, girls, you'll master the techniques to dumbfound your man...

10th Place :

Girl with full lips!

Guys think that this is really hot! It makes girls look sexy and their lips more kissable! Besides, soft healthy pink lips usually draw attention!

Another amazing fact is that making your lips look fuller actually makes you look YOUNGER than your actual age!
According a study carried out on 226 womans from the Netherlands and 235 womans from United Kingdom, there is a profound relation on how young a woman look, and the state of their lips.

Tips :
Pick up an old toothbrush, lightly scrub over your lips to brush off the dead skin.
 Apply a bit of lip balm to your lips. Leave this on them for a few minutes.

9th place :

Girl Biting Her Lower Lips!

When a girl does this, it really turns a man on!
However, guys, not everything is related to sex! There are a few meanings when a girl bit her lips :
  • Nervous
  • Concentrating ( if she's busy with something )
  • Flirting ( if she does it in the middle of a conversation, it means that she wants you! )

8th Place :

 Girl licking her lips!

When a girl licks her lips, it draws attention to a girl's secondary sexual feature--- her lips! It makes her lips look luscious~
Besides, it is also a good indicator that she's interested in you!

Tips :
Girls, your eyes play a big role here, your eyes should look enticing/seducing, a wink should also do the trick! Please dont look like you're in pain! because it might backlashes on you!

7th Place :
Girl Biting Her Finger

When a girl does this, it gives the girl that innocent look and yet sexy at the same time! And this, makes a man horny!  ;-)

Okay, enough of  the "Horny" part.
6th Place :

Girl Placing Her Hand On Her Chest.

It looks elegant in a way and it shows that she's a lady that is aware of how to protect herself, preventing from over-exposing her body.

5th place:

Girl Cleaning Up The Dishes

Imagine after a meal at your house, and you're watching your girl cleaning up in the kitchen. It gives a "homely" feeling, and you just want to give her a hug from the back~ (ok,i might have sounded a little twisted, but i hope you get the idea..)

4th place :
Wet look

Girls in a wet look appear appealing because their hair gets in the right place naturally with minimal effort to make them look smoking-hot. I guess that's why all actresses in Bollywood are usually in their wet-sarees most of the time?

Tips :
To maintain a wet look style, you dont have to get into the rain/shower/jump into a river all the time, you just need to apply a moisturizing agent on the hair and then make a sleek high ponytail. Apply a different styling product on the separate locks of the ponytail. :)

3rd place :

 Women's Smile
Well, they say that a women's smile is the best makeup in the world. I couldn't agree more. Besides, you'll feel happier if you smile more! :)

2nd Place :
 Girl Placing Her Hand Below Her Chin.

When a Girl does this, it brings in a sense that she is paying attention to what her man have to say in a conversation.

Tips : Tilting your head slightly and a smile is often very useful.

1st Place : 

Pushing Her Hair To The Back of Her Ear.

I personally think that, this is the most attractive body language of a girl. It makes a girl looks cute, elegant, tidy, very feminine, and.... it's just perfect! :)

Anyway, I believe that all the ladies out there have their own charms and are pretty in their unique way! Be focused on what want you want, be confident and definitely, you ladies will set off the charm within yourselves and attract your "Mr.Right". GOOD LUCK! :)

Take care,
Jimmy & West

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