Monday, 18 April 2011

Want To Be The World's Best Footballer? Learn How!

We watched a football match quite recently... it was the match between Real Madrid and Barcelona..
The game ended 1-1, draw...

Jimmy was betting on Barcelona while West was on Real Madrid's side..

Jimmy : "Come On, Real Madrid don't deserve that penalty! the defender tackled the ball not Marcelo's FAT leg!"
" Marcelo looks empty-headed with his ingenuous expressions!"
" his Afro looks silly!"
" he's like an ostrich running around the field without his brain"

West : " HAHA, Marcelo is 1 good actor!" "and Christiano too! haha, all those free-kicks!"

Then, spontaneously, we had an intuition that, to be a successful footballer, first, you must be an Oscar winning actor!

Footballers are superbly good actors especially when they want :
    *  A Penalty!
    * A free-kick
    * Fake an injury to waste some time
    * they know their team is losing and they fake an injury to get off the field so that they can blame the fault on other players!
and there're still many other reasons...

 Here's a video of some bad examples :


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