Thursday, 14 April 2011

Ye Man Nv You ( Savage Girlfriends)

Once, males are the dominant Homo Sapiens in the world. We are kings....Whatever we do, we're on the superior side. However, i'm deeply sad to say that the world has changed, females are gaining more and more authority, especially in relationships. Dont you agree dear male readers out there? your girlfriends are dominating, owning you and ain't shit you can do to win this "tug-of-war".

Privacy is the main affair where most guys are trying to fend for from their girlfriends, but truthfully, most of us tend to fail here terribly. Let's see how it is...

  • Where ever we go, we must either SMS or call our girlfriend to inform them where we go, who is along, what are the activities, what's the time frame bla bla bla. A detailed "report" must be done. ( i don't even have to report this much to my mum! ). For more extreme cases, they will call us (or ask us to call them) so frequently just to know what are we eating, the precise location, the atmosphere. However, this is not the worst case, some mobile apps allow these control freaks (yr gf!) to track our location, which means we can't simply say that we are in the library while we are actually dancing with hot babes and drinking in the club!! We are living the lives of "fugitives" that are sought by "law officers". Where's the freedom?

  • Does your gf checks your phone? your messages?Your call records? As long as you have a phone, I am pretty sure it's common to you.. This is not right!! where's the "trust" that we're talking about in a relationship? Although it's not like we're trying to do something behind our girlfriends' back (right, guys?haha ), but this is something private!! And since it's a conversation, it involves other people. When you allow your girlfriend to check on your phone, you're not only uncovering your own privacy but others too, which is definitely not fair to your buddies! And normally, the contents are just not meant for the ladies! It's just like a group of men sitting together in a restaurant, talking about money and woman(the only things that will bother man.haha.)

  • Another thing that is really unpleasing is that your girlfriend asks for your password!! According to a survey conducted by ElcomSoft(, as high as 77% of internet users practice using the same password for different applications. This shows that once your girlfreind gets hold of your password, she has access to your facebook, email, and probably bank account too!! Alright!! Big victory for woman!! They know about our social group and financial status.

  • Do you have fights with your girlfriend? how does it feels like? Let me feels like a forever-losing battle, right? No matter whether you're right or wrong, you are always at the losing end of this battle.. In the end, you are always the one that have to "tam" (cheer her up) and if you are not creative enough and you run out of ideas, the fight goes on.. and if you're not careful enough, your girl might leave u for good! dont u guys out there think that it's strenuous at times?? imagine if your girl has a bad temper, and you guys have fights every week? WHooH! imagine those violent words and the gravel in your gf's voice! "congrats" to those unlucky guys out there!  

Why are girlfriends doing this?! They claim this as a must for an quan gan(a feel of secure). Hence, whenever we don't give them a message or call on time, let them check through our phone for messages, give them our passwords, they will simply claim that we are not giving them enough an quan gan and ask for a break up!! Yeah, we love them. So we put a big tick on every items on the checklist and put our signature at the bottom and a happily forever after smile beside it and........i don't really see other choices left..............



  1. most of the guys prone to lie nowadays. so girls bo bian.

  2. Hi Joey,
    Haha, no, Jimmy and West don't lie.. girls should look for guys like us.. Juz joking~
    thanks for dropping by! take care! :)