Friday, 6 May 2011

What A Man Fears Of A Women.

  • Menstruation. Yup, this is the period where we men should just keep our mouth shut and do what ever is asked by our women. Because this is the period where women have the license to do whatever they want, eg. lose their temper, as they can claim it as pre-menstrual syndrome.

  • Ask men to shop with them. I'm not saying that men don't enjoy shopping, as men need to shop too. Yeah, we love designer clothes, cool accessories, shiny shoes, and Colognes too! But I believe most men won't enjoy shopping with women, because we don't buy bras and G-strings. And we hate "which look better on me?" questions.

  • Act cute. Some women are really good in acting cute, it's innate, it looks genuine and natural! However, unfortunately, it's only for some women. You don't want to end up looking like this:
 (please practice in front of a mirror, ladies.) :)

  • Lose their temper. They scream, they cry, they simply throw everything and anything within their reach. This freaks men out, especially when they throw something expensive.

  • Mood Swings. Women always have all sorts of excuses for their mood swings. This can be quite disturbing. Imagine when you are talking about something to your girl, and out of a sudden, your girl turns moody. You simply don't know what's going on. You probably start to try to recapture the past starting from the day where you first met her until today, to figure out how you offended her. But, you just cant find the answer and you sit there lost of words. Scary right?

  • Question men. Some popular questions : Do you still love me? Who is more important? Where and when we first met? Which blouse suits me better (even though the two look almost the same)? Do I look better (After having a not-even-an-inch hair cut)? Starting from the day you got into a relationship with a girl, your life has became a quiz game, where you have questions to answer everyday, and the consequences of having a wrong answer may lead to loss of $$.( because you'll need to buy gifts to make it up to your girl.)

  • Giving too many comments/Advices/babble too much. After having a hard day at work, school, family etc, we'll like to share with our girl, just to let some stress out. However, sometimes some women just tend babble too much!! This is actually really depressing, and (I'm sorry to say this but) it's really annoying at times. We know that they are just trying to console us, to make us feel better, but what we really need is a good listener. That's all!!

  • Ask men their financial status. It will definitely be distressing for guys that do not have much money in their pockets. For the rich, they don't want their girlfriend to know how rich they are, because the girl will be more into the money than the guy itself.

  • Girls that spend money like hell. Unless you are some kind of millionaire, i guess this is one of the most dreadful affair that a man is afraid about a women!

  • Lazy. Girls that are lazy can be really scary. Imagine your girl sleeping more than 10 hours a day! and she doesn't clean up, doesn't make-up, doesn't exercise, etc. There's a quite famous saying that sounds like this, " there's no ugly woman in this world, only a lazy woman!" A women that doesn't really attend to her looks will definitely turn into an ugly women no matter how pretty she was.

  • Dependent/clingy. Some overly-dependent girlfriend wants to spend all of her time with her partner. She will call you again and again in a day, and say that she just wants to listen to your voice. Scary right? The fact is that you cant really spend all your time together with your girl, you have friends and interests that you need to address independently. The way to solve this problem is to build up your girls social confidence,so that she will be able to make friends.

  • Always seeking for replacements. This is also included in my top fearsome list! A girl in this relationship is always seeking for a better guy and she thinks she deserves more! whereas a guy in this kind of relationship is always afraid of being replaced. If i'm in this kind of relationship, i will definitely break off with that girl! no doubt! no matter how hot she is! :)

Well, this is the list that we can think of... If you have more to share, please leave a comment. We'll be glad to read from you! ;)

Take care,
Jimmy and West

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Love or Lust?


First of all, what is "cheh nim"(Lust)?
A simple question, here's the illustration. When a guy notices a hot and sexy girl, his first thought will be, "Wao!! This girl has long legs, slim waist, pretty face...... " The following second thought will be what we called "cheh nim" (Lust). True, a man is that shallow. I admit it. But this is nature, men are born to conquer women. That's why muscles look good on men but not women.

So let us explore more about lust, how you differentiate love and lust.

Dear man who is single,
As the population of man is greater than woman, being single is really common, dont belittle yourself, it's not your fault. It's just because it's a guy who is sitting next to you in class, your neighbours are too old for you, all the hot girls have a boyfriend.....Well, it's hard to find the right girl. Nevertheless, dont worry, you'll say goodbye to single life soon enough, when you found your perfect match.

However, please bear in mind that love should always be the only reason for you to be in a relationship. Not Lust!! Yeah, you saw a girl, she's attractive, beautiful, s-shaped body, and then you approach her, get her number and facebook. You try your best to impress her with your looks and jokes. Finally, you manage to hook her up, and let your lust/libido drive your actions.

Mission accomplished... But is that alright? Is that the ever-lasting love that we are talking about?  True, there is a small fraction of couples that started up with lust, and ended up living happily together. But what we all know is, this kind of relationship does not last in most cases!!
The error in love is because of Lust! Natural attraction between the sexes is sacred and pure. Did you slept with that girl merely to satisfy your lustful needs? What you'll have done is, breaking up a girl's heart that believed you and is willing to love you with everything she had. If you are a guy with a heart, shame and sadness will almost certainly follow the culmination of lust.

So, next time, before you really want to hook up with a girl, ask yourself, do you really love her? What are you trying to get from her? her body? Perhaps you can also ask yourself, do you know her well? Do you know how's she like when she's mad and still think it's alright? Do you enjoy talking to her? Do the both of you share the same interest? Do you have the feeling "It's her!!"?

and most importantly, ask yourself, LOVE or LUST?

Dear man who is in a relationship,
Alright, you love your girlfriend. You can't live without her. When you look into her eyes, you know that there is a strong affection between the both of you. It's pure love between you and her. You cease/halt any sexual love desires for your girlfriend because it will be lustful. Alright, leave your girlfriend, she needs sex!! Everyone on earth need sex.

Lust is totally different from the natural desire for sexual love of man and woman. Sexual desire is definitely needed!! If not how to reproduce~? Sex somehow acts as a lubricant in a relationship. Besides gratifying each other's sexual impulses, it symbolises a commitment. A commitment that you and her are a whole, each completes the others' half.. What really makes a girl feel good is the feeling of giving, to give all she had to her love one. . So, if you really love your girl, before you drop your pants, first ask yourself a question, "Are you willing to give her commitment?".

Take Care,
Jimmy & West

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

How To Attract A Man's Attention?

Hey dear readers! Do you guys come across some "wow, that girl is really attractive when she does that" moments? well, this post is all about the top 10 body languages/postures that attract a man's attention! After reading this post, girls, you'll master the techniques to dumbfound your man...

10th Place :

Girl with full lips!

Guys think that this is really hot! It makes girls look sexy and their lips more kissable! Besides, soft healthy pink lips usually draw attention!

Another amazing fact is that making your lips look fuller actually makes you look YOUNGER than your actual age!
According a study carried out on 226 womans from the Netherlands and 235 womans from United Kingdom, there is a profound relation on how young a woman look, and the state of their lips.

Tips :
Pick up an old toothbrush, lightly scrub over your lips to brush off the dead skin.
 Apply a bit of lip balm to your lips. Leave this on them for a few minutes.

9th place :

Girl Biting Her Lower Lips!

When a girl does this, it really turns a man on!
However, guys, not everything is related to sex! There are a few meanings when a girl bit her lips :
  • Nervous
  • Concentrating ( if she's busy with something )
  • Flirting ( if she does it in the middle of a conversation, it means that she wants you! )

8th Place :

 Girl licking her lips!

When a girl licks her lips, it draws attention to a girl's secondary sexual feature--- her lips! It makes her lips look luscious~
Besides, it is also a good indicator that she's interested in you!

Tips :
Girls, your eyes play a big role here, your eyes should look enticing/seducing, a wink should also do the trick! Please dont look like you're in pain! because it might backlashes on you!

7th Place :
Girl Biting Her Finger

When a girl does this, it gives the girl that innocent look and yet sexy at the same time! And this, makes a man horny!  ;-)

Okay, enough of  the "Horny" part.
6th Place :

Girl Placing Her Hand On Her Chest.

It looks elegant in a way and it shows that she's a lady that is aware of how to protect herself, preventing from over-exposing her body.

5th place:

Girl Cleaning Up The Dishes

Imagine after a meal at your house, and you're watching your girl cleaning up in the kitchen. It gives a "homely" feeling, and you just want to give her a hug from the back~ (ok,i might have sounded a little twisted, but i hope you get the idea..)

4th place :
Wet look

Girls in a wet look appear appealing because their hair gets in the right place naturally with minimal effort to make them look smoking-hot. I guess that's why all actresses in Bollywood are usually in their wet-sarees most of the time?

Tips :
To maintain a wet look style, you dont have to get into the rain/shower/jump into a river all the time, you just need to apply a moisturizing agent on the hair and then make a sleek high ponytail. Apply a different styling product on the separate locks of the ponytail. :)

3rd place :

 Women's Smile
Well, they say that a women's smile is the best makeup in the world. I couldn't agree more. Besides, you'll feel happier if you smile more! :)

2nd Place :
 Girl Placing Her Hand Below Her Chin.

When a Girl does this, it brings in a sense that she is paying attention to what her man have to say in a conversation.

Tips : Tilting your head slightly and a smile is often very useful.

1st Place : 

Pushing Her Hair To The Back of Her Ear.

I personally think that, this is the most attractive body language of a girl. It makes a girl looks cute, elegant, tidy, very feminine, and.... it's just perfect! :)

Anyway, I believe that all the ladies out there have their own charms and are pretty in their unique way! Be focused on what want you want, be confident and definitely, you ladies will set off the charm within yourselves and attract your "Mr.Right". GOOD LUCK! :)

Take care,
Jimmy & West

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A Question That A Man Has to Answer.

Dear readers, when you first see this topic, what's the first thought that pop up in your mind?
1. How to make billions? No.
2. How to get fitter? No.
3. How  to get rid of baldness? No.
4. Well, if you watch enough drama, you will come across this question very often, that is-----
"Who matters the most to you? Me? Your family? Your buddies? Your career?", asked by girlfriends/wifes.

Tricky enough right? But, you know how serious it can be if you don't answer it properly,right?!!

If YOU Choose :

1. Girlfriend/Wife

Yeah, happy ending, your girlfriend/wife will be pleased with your answer. However, honestly, is that really what you think? you are a "Yan Za"(Jerk) if this answer came from your heart and soul.

Your mum carried you for 9 months before you even know your girlfriend/wife, your dad worked so hard just to put food on the table. Think about the sleepless nights that your dad and mum went through just because you were awake at night and crying your heart out. All those latest gadgets, lavish clothes and luxury food were provided by our parents. It is your parents that taught you how to live a life, it is your parents that raised you to where you are today! If your answer is still your lover, please, you should drink a bottle of "Dettol"~

2. Parents/Family

If your answer is your parents, congratulations!! You are a good boy!! You appreciate and feel grateful to everything that was given to you by your parents.

Alright, you live with your parents, take care of them, be their good son. However, let's face the fact, your parents will never be with you as long as your life partner(wife) can.. they'll leave you one day, and you face the wall for the rest of your life.

You need to have your someone that is understanding, that is willing to go through thick and thin with you and get you through the rough patches of your life! Besides, we need SEX!! When we talk about sex, it is a necessity (unless you are a monk etc). Without it, life ain't complete!! So, if you  still choose parents, please do take care of your body, especially your hands, because you're going to use it very often especially on those lonely nights. ( if you get what i mean ;-) )


What if your answer is buddies?  You end up feeling very "hong hui"(loneliness). I believe guys know what kind of feeling this is. It's like a free night, you're lying on bed, trying to think of someone, and you can't think of any!! Yeah, your mind is completely blank, and there isn't someone beside you, that you can hug tightly and share how was your day. There won't be anyone there to attend to your life! Concern about your health, your diet and your work........

Then why are friends so important to us?
We need someone we can joke around and talk crap with, someone to talk to when we encounter problems in a relationship , someone that will lend us a helping hand when our carreer is not going smooth and someone to watch a football match together at "mamak".......There're a lot of other things that can be done with friends, and it's always full of fun!!

Because a friendship is easygoing, you dont have to "tam"(humbug), you wont have to tell some lies like i love you forever and ever and ever. However, if they are the most important to you, get ready for "hong hui"(loneliness) to strike you "gao gao"(heavily).


Everyone, undeniably needs a career. It's something that we have interest and passion in. It's a part of our life where we want to do well in, to achieve our aims in life. We need a career too, to earn the money to sustain our life. However, to do well in your career, it requires you to sacrifice a lot of time and effort in it..

Because of that, your lover complained because you have not been spending enough time with her, your family complained because you havent called home for quite some time, your buddies stop asking you out because you were absent on their outings a few times...

Yeah~ Everything is so damn important. None is really first place or last. Then what's the point of this article? it's pointless! Yup, you read it right, it's pointless!! Why should a girl ever ask a man this question?! What they expect us to answer?! "My love, you should have no doubt that you are the most important in my life"?

The truth is, the only kind of people that can tell you the answer to this question without faking it out is "xiao bai lian aka ruan fan wang"(gigolo) that is an orphan without friends.

Anyway, here are Jimmy and West's guides to this "no-answer" question :
  • For girls, don't ever ask this kind of question. You'll never get the true answer or you'll get some kind of answer that will lead to a quarrel.
  • For guys, if your lover ever asks you this question, please reply with this and only this answer, "My love, you should have no doubt that you are the most important in my life." =)

Take care,
Jimmy and West

Monday, 18 April 2011

Want To Be The World's Best Footballer? Learn How!

We watched a football match quite recently... it was the match between Real Madrid and Barcelona..
The game ended 1-1, draw...

Jimmy was betting on Barcelona while West was on Real Madrid's side..

Jimmy : "Come On, Real Madrid don't deserve that penalty! the defender tackled the ball not Marcelo's FAT leg!"
" Marcelo looks empty-headed with his ingenuous expressions!"
" his Afro looks silly!"
" he's like an ostrich running around the field without his brain"

West : " HAHA, Marcelo is 1 good actor!" "and Christiano too! haha, all those free-kicks!"

Then, spontaneously, we had an intuition that, to be a successful footballer, first, you must be an Oscar winning actor!

Footballers are superbly good actors especially when they want :
    *  A Penalty!
    * A free-kick
    * Fake an injury to waste some time
    * they know their team is losing and they fake an injury to get off the field so that they can blame the fault on other players!
and there're still many other reasons...

 Here's a video of some bad examples :

Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Hot DUOS!

Hey dear readers out there! how're you guys doing? hope you guys are doing fine!! :)
Have you guys notice that duo bands have always been doing really well? and are very appealing? ( especially when there are 2 hot guys in the band!)
Don't believe me? Here are some examples...

If you're a fan of K.Pop :
If you're a fan of Taiwanese Singers:

If you're from U.S :
SEE? believe me? 
But, Now, there's a new DUO in the house! and they're so hot that they are taking on all the Duos above! =)

Dear readers, I present u----------- J&W :

P/s: Haha, This is just for laughs, hope we didnt offend anyone with this post! have a nice day!
 Take care,
Jimmy & West


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Ye Man Nv You ( Savage Girlfriends)

Once, males are the dominant Homo Sapiens in the world. We are kings....Whatever we do, we're on the superior side. However, i'm deeply sad to say that the world has changed, females are gaining more and more authority, especially in relationships. Dont you agree dear male readers out there? your girlfriends are dominating, owning you and ain't shit you can do to win this "tug-of-war".

Privacy is the main affair where most guys are trying to fend for from their girlfriends, but truthfully, most of us tend to fail here terribly. Let's see how it is...

  • Where ever we go, we must either SMS or call our girlfriend to inform them where we go, who is along, what are the activities, what's the time frame bla bla bla. A detailed "report" must be done. ( i don't even have to report this much to my mum! ). For more extreme cases, they will call us (or ask us to call them) so frequently just to know what are we eating, the precise location, the atmosphere. However, this is not the worst case, some mobile apps allow these control freaks (yr gf!) to track our location, which means we can't simply say that we are in the library while we are actually dancing with hot babes and drinking in the club!! We are living the lives of "fugitives" that are sought by "law officers". Where's the freedom?

  • Does your gf checks your phone? your messages?Your call records? As long as you have a phone, I am pretty sure it's common to you.. This is not right!! where's the "trust" that we're talking about in a relationship? Although it's not like we're trying to do something behind our girlfriends' back (right, guys?haha ), but this is something private!! And since it's a conversation, it involves other people. When you allow your girlfriend to check on your phone, you're not only uncovering your own privacy but others too, which is definitely not fair to your buddies! And normally, the contents are just not meant for the ladies! It's just like a group of men sitting together in a restaurant, talking about money and woman(the only things that will bother man.haha.)

  • Another thing that is really unpleasing is that your girlfriend asks for your password!! According to a survey conducted by ElcomSoft(, as high as 77% of internet users practice using the same password for different applications. This shows that once your girlfreind gets hold of your password, she has access to your facebook, email, and probably bank account too!! Alright!! Big victory for woman!! They know about our social group and financial status.

  • Do you have fights with your girlfriend? how does it feels like? Let me feels like a forever-losing battle, right? No matter whether you're right or wrong, you are always at the losing end of this battle.. In the end, you are always the one that have to "tam" (cheer her up) and if you are not creative enough and you run out of ideas, the fight goes on.. and if you're not careful enough, your girl might leave u for good! dont u guys out there think that it's strenuous at times?? imagine if your girl has a bad temper, and you guys have fights every week? WHooH! imagine those violent words and the gravel in your gf's voice! "congrats" to those unlucky guys out there!  

Why are girlfriends doing this?! They claim this as a must for an quan gan(a feel of secure). Hence, whenever we don't give them a message or call on time, let them check through our phone for messages, give them our passwords, they will simply claim that we are not giving them enough an quan gan and ask for a break up!! Yeah, we love them. So we put a big tick on every items on the checklist and put our signature at the bottom and a happily forever after smile beside it and........i don't really see other choices left..............