Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A Question That A Man Has to Answer.

Dear readers, when you first see this topic, what's the first thought that pop up in your mind?
1. How to make billions? No.
2. How to get fitter? No.
3. How  to get rid of baldness? No.
4. Well, if you watch enough drama, you will come across this question very often, that is-----
"Who matters the most to you? Me? Your family? Your buddies? Your career?", asked by girlfriends/wifes.

Tricky enough right? But, you know how serious it can be if you don't answer it properly,right?!!

If YOU Choose :

1. Girlfriend/Wife

Yeah, happy ending, your girlfriend/wife will be pleased with your answer. However, honestly, is that really what you think? you are a "Yan Za"(Jerk) if this answer came from your heart and soul.

Your mum carried you for 9 months before you even know your girlfriend/wife, your dad worked so hard just to put food on the table. Think about the sleepless nights that your dad and mum went through just because you were awake at night and crying your heart out. All those latest gadgets, lavish clothes and luxury food were provided by our parents. It is your parents that taught you how to live a life, it is your parents that raised you to where you are today! If your answer is still your lover, please, you should drink a bottle of "Dettol"~

2. Parents/Family

If your answer is your parents, congratulations!! You are a good boy!! You appreciate and feel grateful to everything that was given to you by your parents.

Alright, you live with your parents, take care of them, be their good son. However, let's face the fact, your parents will never be with you as long as your life partner(wife) can.. they'll leave you one day, and you face the wall for the rest of your life.

You need to have your someone that is understanding, that is willing to go through thick and thin with you and get you through the rough patches of your life! Besides, we need SEX!! When we talk about sex, it is a necessity (unless you are a monk etc). Without it, life ain't complete!! So, if you  still choose parents, please do take care of your body, especially your hands, because you're going to use it very often especially on those lonely nights. ( if you get what i mean ;-) )


What if your answer is buddies?  You end up feeling very "hong hui"(loneliness). I believe guys know what kind of feeling this is. It's like a free night, you're lying on bed, trying to think of someone, and you can't think of any!! Yeah, your mind is completely blank, and there isn't someone beside you, that you can hug tightly and share how was your day. There won't be anyone there to attend to your life! Concern about your health, your diet and your work........

Then why are friends so important to us?
We need someone we can joke around and talk crap with, someone to talk to when we encounter problems in a relationship , someone that will lend us a helping hand when our carreer is not going smooth and someone to watch a football match together at "mamak".......There're a lot of other things that can be done with friends, and it's always full of fun!!

Because a friendship is easygoing, you dont have to "tam"(humbug), you wont have to tell some lies like i love you forever and ever and ever. However, if they are the most important to you, get ready for "hong hui"(loneliness) to strike you "gao gao"(heavily).


Everyone, undeniably needs a career. It's something that we have interest and passion in. It's a part of our life where we want to do well in, to achieve our aims in life. We need a career too, to earn the money to sustain our life. However, to do well in your career, it requires you to sacrifice a lot of time and effort in it..

Because of that, your lover complained because you have not been spending enough time with her, your family complained because you havent called home for quite some time, your buddies stop asking you out because you were absent on their outings a few times...

Yeah~ Everything is so damn important. None is really first place or last. Then what's the point of this article? it's pointless! Yup, you read it right, it's pointless!! Why should a girl ever ask a man this question?! What they expect us to answer?! "My love, you should have no doubt that you are the most important in my life"?

The truth is, the only kind of people that can tell you the answer to this question without faking it out is "xiao bai lian aka ruan fan wang"(gigolo) that is an orphan without friends.

Anyway, here are Jimmy and West's guides to this "no-answer" question :
  • For girls, don't ever ask this kind of question. You'll never get the true answer or you'll get some kind of answer that will lead to a quarrel.
  • For guys, if your lover ever asks you this question, please reply with this and only this answer, "My love, you should have no doubt that you are the most important in my life." =)

Take care,
Jimmy and West


  1. What about man asking me this question? Is it the same reply as this(My love, you should have no doubt that you are the most important in my life)?
    XD Interesting!

  2. Hi Janelle,
    Haha, yup, that's the only answer you should give!
    Glad that you find this post interesting!:)
    we tend to leave out the ladies..haha,maybe you could give us some suggestions on what girls like to know about, what is really troubling you? we(Jimmy & West)will publish a post as soon we find the solution!
    Thanks for dropping by! :)

  3. haha it's quite true that you guys leave out the ladies, but i think it's fine for me, i like to read your blog is because sometimes i feel so true for what u've written here. I don't know how to explain why I feel like
    Anyway, hope to read more from you guys. =D

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  5. No dota? I thought most of the guys love it? ><

  6. Hi Qin,
    Haha, apparently West sucks big time at dota! :)
    Thanks for dropping by!