Friday, 6 May 2011

What A Man Fears Of A Women.

  • Menstruation. Yup, this is the period where we men should just keep our mouth shut and do what ever is asked by our women. Because this is the period where women have the license to do whatever they want, eg. lose their temper, as they can claim it as pre-menstrual syndrome.

  • Ask men to shop with them. I'm not saying that men don't enjoy shopping, as men need to shop too. Yeah, we love designer clothes, cool accessories, shiny shoes, and Colognes too! But I believe most men won't enjoy shopping with women, because we don't buy bras and G-strings. And we hate "which look better on me?" questions.

  • Act cute. Some women are really good in acting cute, it's innate, it looks genuine and natural! However, unfortunately, it's only for some women. You don't want to end up looking like this:
 (please practice in front of a mirror, ladies.) :)

  • Lose their temper. They scream, they cry, they simply throw everything and anything within their reach. This freaks men out, especially when they throw something expensive.

  • Mood Swings. Women always have all sorts of excuses for their mood swings. This can be quite disturbing. Imagine when you are talking about something to your girl, and out of a sudden, your girl turns moody. You simply don't know what's going on. You probably start to try to recapture the past starting from the day where you first met her until today, to figure out how you offended her. But, you just cant find the answer and you sit there lost of words. Scary right?

  • Question men. Some popular questions : Do you still love me? Who is more important? Where and when we first met? Which blouse suits me better (even though the two look almost the same)? Do I look better (After having a not-even-an-inch hair cut)? Starting from the day you got into a relationship with a girl, your life has became a quiz game, where you have questions to answer everyday, and the consequences of having a wrong answer may lead to loss of $$.( because you'll need to buy gifts to make it up to your girl.)

  • Giving too many comments/Advices/babble too much. After having a hard day at work, school, family etc, we'll like to share with our girl, just to let some stress out. However, sometimes some women just tend babble too much!! This is actually really depressing, and (I'm sorry to say this but) it's really annoying at times. We know that they are just trying to console us, to make us feel better, but what we really need is a good listener. That's all!!

  • Ask men their financial status. It will definitely be distressing for guys that do not have much money in their pockets. For the rich, they don't want their girlfriend to know how rich they are, because the girl will be more into the money than the guy itself.

  • Girls that spend money like hell. Unless you are some kind of millionaire, i guess this is one of the most dreadful affair that a man is afraid about a women!

  • Lazy. Girls that are lazy can be really scary. Imagine your girl sleeping more than 10 hours a day! and she doesn't clean up, doesn't make-up, doesn't exercise, etc. There's a quite famous saying that sounds like this, " there's no ugly woman in this world, only a lazy woman!" A women that doesn't really attend to her looks will definitely turn into an ugly women no matter how pretty she was.

  • Dependent/clingy. Some overly-dependent girlfriend wants to spend all of her time with her partner. She will call you again and again in a day, and say that she just wants to listen to your voice. Scary right? The fact is that you cant really spend all your time together with your girl, you have friends and interests that you need to address independently. The way to solve this problem is to build up your girls social confidence,so that she will be able to make friends.

  • Always seeking for replacements. This is also included in my top fearsome list! A girl in this relationship is always seeking for a better guy and she thinks she deserves more! whereas a guy in this kind of relationship is always afraid of being replaced. If i'm in this kind of relationship, i will definitely break off with that girl! no doubt! no matter how hot she is! :)

Well, this is the list that we can think of... If you have more to share, please leave a comment. We'll be glad to read from you! ;)

Take care,
Jimmy and West


  1. Women easily feel suspicious and their nagging...D:

  2. ah... we left out on that one! that's really true.. as we have said before trust is something really important in a relationship.. thanks, Janelle! ;)

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